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This is our answer to the lockdown: RISE YOUR VIBRATION! BE HAPPY!

This is our answer to the lockdown - stay sane in this crazy time by doing this meditation:
Rise your Serotoninlevel,
get lighter and healthier!
Unburden yourself
from excessive thinking and worrying!
Connect worldwide on cyberspace
to meet the SILENCE after the laughter.

10 min Laughter without reason,
just for the joy of it, unburdens and removes emotional blocks
10 min Silence for Relaxation
and creating more Neuroplasticity in your Brain

If done reguarly will change your life! We offer it free, now on ZOOM!

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um 17 uhr in Deutschland!

Laughter, The Great Medicine

“Laughter needs a great learning, and laughter is a great medicine. It can cure many of your tensions, anxieties, worries; the whole energy can flow into laughter. And there is no need that there should be some occasion, some cause.

In my meditation camps I used to have a laughing meditation: for no reason, people would sit and just start laughing. At first, they would feel a little awkward that there was no reason – but when everybody is doing it… they would also start. Soon, everybody was in such a great laughter, people were rolling on the ground. They were laughing at the very fact that so many people were laughing for no reason at all; there was nothing, not even a joke had been told. And it went on like waves.
So, there is no harm… even just sitting in your room, close the doors and have one hour of simple laughter. Laugh at yourself. But learn to laugh.
Seriousness is a sin, and it is a disease. Laughter has tremendous beauty, a lightness. It will bring lightness to you, and it will give you wings to fly.
And life is so full of opportunities. You just need the sensitivity.

And create chances for other people to laugh. Laughter should be one of the most valued, cherished qualities of human beings – because only man can laugh, no animals are capable of it. Because it is human, it must be of the highest order. To repress it is to destroy a human quality.”
Osho, Beyond Enlightenment, Talk #27

Laughing Meditation each day
Central Time -10AM

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