Sammlung von Nahtoderfahrungen

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Exceptional Experiences from

5351. Ciara B NDE 3/22/2024. NDE 9858. Exceptional experience. I had the thought, 'If I’m there, then how am I here? Where is here?' Then all my memories of this life and OTHER LIVES came flooding back. And I knew those other lives were mine, just as much as I knew my current life was mine. I saw flashes of so many lives and moments I had hurt other people or loved other people. There was no judgement in any of this. It was merely me observing me, without feelings. I felt another presence with me at some point after this. I say 'after this' but events were not linear or sequential. Everything was happening all at once. Though, I can only explain it as separate events because that’s the only way I can make sense of it for myself. This presence telepathically told me that, 'it’s time to go back,' and 'This was just a glimpse.'
Exceptional NDE due to medication injection for cardiac arrhythmia. Remarkable detailed NDE though she was unconscious apparently for just seconds.

5343. Robert RB NDE 3/14/2024. NDE 9848. Exceptional experience. I felt the presence of someone standing next to me, off to the side. I asked who he was. He replied he was an ancestor. I asked if he was my grandfather. He said, 'No, far older.' For some reason I asked if he was Atlantean. He replied, 'Far older.' He explained that he was part of the first colonists. I asked, 'Colonists of what?' He told me Earth.
Exceptional NDE due to unconsciousness resulting from ketoacidosis. The description of the black hole and the discussion with her ancestor are both remarkable insights into the nature of the a universe.

5340. Jen W NDEs 3/9/2024. NDEs 9841. Exceptional experience. 'What purpose?' I asked them. This is hard to explain, but growing and shrinking shapes also help explain their words. Their explanation was that everyone is here for a purpose, each purpose having an intention to a bigger purpose. This is like a rock thrown into a pond, each ripple then becomes a wave that pushes little pebbles up onto the shore, to where a bird might find it, using it to aid their digestion, while they fly over a barren land, dropping small seeds along with that pebble in a field, growing flowers for the bees later in the summer.
Three exceptional NDEs at ages 7-8, later in childhood, and age 18 due to car accident, illness with high fever, and during emergency caesarian section respectively. Includes apparent shared NDE at time her baby died during the emergency caesarian section.

5339. Gaby DC NDEs 3/8/2024. NDEs 9840. Exceptional experiences from Canada. Passing through the tunnel felt normal. So I started enjoying the sensation of weightlessness and absorbed the knowledge. The experience was like the universe was feeding me the information I needed to live my current life. When I saw the sand, I knew I was no longer in Ontario. In an instant, the feeling was loving and warm; I knew where I was: home.
NDE at age 3 ½ due to injury from fall down stairs, and age 32 due to episode of tachycardia immediately prior to planned arrhythmic defibrillation.

5336. Kali K NDE 3/5/2024. NDE and Premonition 9837. Exceptional experience. The most impactful part of this experience was reliving my most traumatic moments in which I was emotionally hurt by another. During those events, I not only felt every emotion that I had experience in that moment, but every emotion that the person inflicting pain upon me was experiencing. Not only this, but I also felt every emotion that the other person had ever experienced in their life up until that moment. This was incredibly enlightening for me, and provided me a grand sense of empathy and forgiveness for the most egregious harm I've felt.
NDE due to heart attack. Six months previously had premonition dream.

5332. Thomas B NDE 2/27/2024. NDE 9832. Exceptional NDE I saw a great Being at least twice the size of the others. This being was best described as a great white flame with a face and what appeared to be a human-like body of flame. This next part is hard to describe. I was looking at the Being far away and approaching. Briefly, I was face-to-face with this being, then back in the place I was held. Then I felt and heard a great voice inside me say, 'COME.' I was shot through the 'veil' I was being held in and into the place with the others. I shot through space and landed at the 'Great' Being's feet. This larger and much more powerful Being said to me one time, 'You are loved, you are accepted.'
Exceptional NDE at age 9 due to head injury.

5303. Lynnclaire D NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9787. Exceptional experience from Spain. It was a sensing, a knowing and communion with other spirits that could only have been established eons before. Breathing into each other’s hearts and minds, aware that I was dying, I was equally aware that I was being infused with a vibrant knowing of a changeless love. I felt then and feel still, the golden cord formed by One, a bond of timeless love. Our intention was reestablished before this throne hidden behind eternity’s vein.
A beautiful, inspiring, and exceptional NDE accounts ever shared with NDERF. NDE due to traumatic brain injury due to hypoxia while in a hot air balloon race at 21,000 feet.

5262. Jeff H STE 12/4/2023. STE 9740. Exceptional Experience. The first energy download taught me why I was put through so many hardships since birth. It wasn’t by accident or by fate or by bad luck. They were all pre-planned. To make me stronger and wiser. All the pain I’ve been carrying around all these years was erased. It felt like I was reborn again. Then more waves of energy and answers came into me. This experience was overwhelming as they kept me on the floor, still in a fetal position, unable to stand. God showed me what he was. Not a man or woman or any physical form. God is pure love. Pure super bright white light of energy is the best I can explain it. God is everything and everywhere and we are a part of God. God is in all of us, good and bad.
Profound STE with extensive spiritual information.

5248. Steve D NDE 11/15/2023. NDE 9722. Exceptional Experience. At some point my entire life flashed before me. It was not in snippets of my life but somehow my entire life all at once. Some of what I saw and remembered made me feel euphoria, laughter and other times sadness, but again it occurred all at once. At some point, it was communicated to me that 'love is all that matters.' This meant love for all fellow humans, love and respect for the earth, for the birds, animals, and even insects. All things are from our Creator and we are all, everything connected at every level.
Remarkable NDE due to cardiac arrest.

5231. Tim VZ NDE 9/24/2023. NDE 16134. Exceptional Experience. As I watched the events of my life unfold before me, I felt an inexplicable connection to each moment, no matter how significant or seemingly inconsequential. The moments of kindness and compassion radiated with a profound light, illuminating the path of my journey. However, there were also moments of selfishness, hurt, and indifference, which cast shadows upon the tapestry of my life. I experienced a life review—a journey through my own history, guided by the wisdom of these ancient beings. Each memory contained not only the events themselves but also the emotions, intentions, and consequences that had flowed from them. It was a revelation of interconnectedness, a realization that my actions rippled through the lives of others and reverberated through the cosmos. In this sacred process, I gained a deep and profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and the power of our choices to shape the world around us.
Exceptional NDE due to drowning.

5196. Cassandra A NDE 9/1/2023. NDE 9675. Exceptional Experience. I felt love and peace like I had never, ever felt before. Everything was the most beautiful golden light. I knew who I was with - they didn't have faces but they had auras and I could feel their presence and could absolutely feel their love. I greeted them there and looked around in awe. I knew they were the spirit guides of the universe; I knew they created it.
Remarkable NDE that was preceded with a pleasant MDMA drug experience, transitioned into an NDE due to asphyxia, then transitioned back to an unpleasant MDMA experience after the NDE. Fascinating example of the contrast in experience content between an MDMA experience and an NDE. This is like a rosetta stone for states of consciousness.

5168. Aridai STE 6/7/2023. STE 9591. Exceptional Experience from Mexico. I was standing in front of Vishnu. He was seated on grass in the lotus pose and wearing only a brown loincloth. Behind him there were clouds; the sky was pink and gold in color. At that moment I experienced a feeling that I cannot describe because I have never experienced it here on earth. I felt absolute peace; there was no pain, no suffering, and everything was fine. He explained to me that I was in a place that was above good and bad. Those things I saw are human but do not 'exist'.
STE during dream involving life review and encounter with Vishnu.

5163. April W STE 5/20/2023. NDE-like;STE 9586. Exceptional Experience. I thought how non-judgmental the spiritual world was. My will, was mine. There was a very large presence that was LOVE. It was so big, strong and it was everywhere. It was like the sunshine from the sun in that it could be felt and absorbed because it permeated everything. At that point, I could not think or feel because the love was that BIG. Love dominated everything. Yet, all knowledge, all time, and all being one were still not everything to this experience. The feeling of Love was so strong, it was the energy force that everything ran on. Every inch of millions of galaxies was full of the power of love. It was extreme and too much for me, but I wanted nothing other than to continue this experience and feel the love.
STE that is very NDE-like.

5159. Stefania B Probable NDE 5/8/2023. Probable NDE 9577. Exceptional Experience from Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Camille. These beings knew me and I knew them and there was a deep bond between us. Being able to undertake all these processes of knowledge together, and at the same time to communicate with them telepathically, I never ceased to be amazed at the power that I was, and how I could have forgotten about this and had believed that I was that character who had oppressed me in this way on earth with its trivial needs. Knowing this, all the problems that I thought I had on earth seemed completely insignificant and even made me want to laugh with all my being. I have to add that at that moment, I was not thinking about my son or anyone on earth, and I was all abandoned to the pleasure of being myself and that all the search had come to an end.
Remarkably deep probable NDE at time of surgery.

5158. Angel G SDE 5/1/2023. SDE 9576. Exceptional Experience. I witnessed a light orb leave her body within minutes of dying. A concentrated white orb-light came out of her chest through the sternum, rose and hovered momentarily and then departed the room while accelerating. I thought I was imagining things until the physician assistant asked me if I saw the light. He said he had seen it before and that it was Vera's spirit. He also said he sensed a great deal of holiness in the room (as I did too).
Remarkable nearing end of life experience (NELE) and shared death experience involving wife.

5139. Peter P STE 3/1/2023. STE 9543. Exceptional Experience from Switzerland. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. Then in the middle of life a light experience happens that sweeps away all the reactions about this imaginary separation and which dissolves the last doubts with this pure white light like a fog. It's the disintegration of a self constructed veil that prevented a realization that all people are entitled to have as their birthright. It's delightful to know that the light is the most wonderful symphony in the cosmos and that it contains the colors and the sense of touch of the most beautiful experiences
Remarkable STE while awakening from cardiac bypass surgery.

5136. Daniel B STE 2/23/2023. STE 9541. Exceptional Experience. With the 4th step my decision will have been made. I took my 3 steps! It was glorious, absolutely wonderful! I wanted to stay, but I wanted to hear the request too. I turned and walked away from the light. 'What is this request that you have for me?' 'I am pleased that you have chosen to learn more!', came the voice. I slowly looked up, and before me stood the form of Jesus Christ, just ten feet away.
Exceptional STE dream including encounter with Jesus.

5117. Sanna F SDE 12/29/2022. SDE 9509. Exceptional Experience. I believe I said, "She is seeing God!". My sister and cousin could not move as they just started in amazement. I felt compelled to get my mother and uncle who were in the kitchen to come and see what we were witnessing. They returned with me quickly. A total of 5 family members were beside my grandmother's bed as she was dying. Her eyes remained fixed on something above her as though she was receiving a message. Some sort of light (either from within or reflecting from her) was illuminating her eyes.
Remarkable shared death experience with five family members present with the dying.

5114. Doug C NDE 12/20/2022. NDE 9502. Exceptional Experience. I also remember being amazed that my sense of humor was still intact, and that I was still "ME" in this other place. I remember feeling so good and so light with no cares at all. I felt like I was finally going home and immediately was experiencing a presence through my being that I was communicating with instantly. It said to me first "Dont worry, we've got ya". Every thought I had was instantly answered as soon as I thought it. Time seemed to be irrelevant and I didn't care because I was enveloped in a blanket of what I could only describe as pure love and acceptance.
Exceptional NDE due to head trauma.

5107. Iain T NDE 12/3/2022. NDE 9495. Exceptional Experience. I was greeted by a strange, robed figure who led me down a path to a field. Numerous people were sitting there. I recognized my grandmother, great aunt, and a close family friend. All of them had died when I was younger. I ask the robed figure, "Who are you?" Instead of getting an answer, everyone else was asking me what I was doing there so early. I replied, "I don't know."
Remarkable NDE occurring during unconsciousness following two planes colliding near him on 7/17/22 (NDERF:

5090. Dr. Phil P FDE and NDE 10/24/2022. FDE and NDE 9471. Exceptional experience from Austria. I feel my life is connected with all life on this earth. I see countless communicating crystals shining and flashing in different colors. Everywhere it sparkles and flashes as if this earth's life would also fight for its survival against the final darkening.
Remarkably detailed FDE preceding an NDE. In FDE, life review memories help him know what to do to survive the car crash leading to the NDE.

5083. Kathleen SDE 10/3/2022. SDE 9457. Exceptional Experience. The intense love being expressed through my heart while simultaneously hearing the thought, “I love him”, was so intense. I felt what I would describe as being crippled in love and awe. It was both an emotional and physical experience. I felt as if I was tilting my head into my left shoulder in awe, like one would do when witnessing the most innocent and beautiful thing you could ever imagine, while at the same heart just swelled in love.
Exceptional and detailed shared death experience with father who died at the same time, although she did not know he was dying.

5080. Jeff L NDE 9/26/2022. NDE 9453. Exceptional Experience. I concluded that my brain's executive functions were intact. I decided to test my short-term memory. Sure enough, I could remember everything leading up to collapsing at the entrance to the emergency room. Not only that but I could remember all of it in exquisite, vivid detail. I then decided to test my long-term memory and arbitrarily chose 8th grade. Immediately, I was furnished a rush of detailed memories. The sharpness and vividness of those memories quickly overwhelmed me. I wondered, 'Where could all that have been stored?' I concluded that my long term memory system was intact and it was much broader and deeper than I believed possible.
NDE due to STEMI heart attack.

5075. Dianne B NDE 9/9/2022. NDE 9444. I then had a panoramic vision of the room. The baby wasn’t in a nursery, but a dining room with the table and chairs pushed across the room so the crib could fit. The room had wallpaper with ships on it and olive drab full length curtains. The room looked out to the front of the house with two big windows with bushes in front of them. It was dark and the house was quiet.
Remarkable NDE at age 2-3 months with very detailed OBE observations confirmed years later. NDE shared 56 years after it occurred.

5074. Marlon C Pre-Birth 9/9/2022. Pre-Birth 23501. It's very difficult to explain, but the consciousness of the older man, and my current consciousness either merged, or swamped position. I eventually penetrated what I initially thought was a wall. I was going to hit it and afterwards, splat. Instead, I squeezed through it, as if it was a thick liquid. I saw the embryo but was communicating with something telepathically. It was telling me I had to enter the embryo, but I got a glimpse of another place and wanted to go there. I was very adamant about not wanting to come back here, but, in a very soothing voice, it simply said, 'you have to go back'.
Remarkable pre-birth remembrance of observing man dying, aware of his consciousness apart from the body, then awareness of themselves as a sperm beginning a new life. Shared 50 years later.

5058. Rhonda M STE 7/27/2022. STE 23499. Exceptional Experience The main being said I learned enough about knowledge, now I was to go back and learn about love. The information about 'love' is not what we think of here in the physical world. Love is not sexual or possessive, but spiritual. Love is more like endless compassion, without judgment. I was to go back and learn about love. I was not alone; they were with me and guiding me and I would know I had the capability to communicate through this "tone of thought" that we were presently communicating with.
Exceptional STE with profound spiritual wisdom.

5043. Byun SS NDE 6/6/2022. NDE 9409. Exceptional Non-Western NDE from Korea. Original in Korean, translated to English by Teresa. When I arrived, this color like of a baby chick, encompassed me with feelings of extreme peace and I conversed with an existence that I could not see and talked with feelings of thought and felt the answers. I knew there was an existence, a being, that was in the distance but could not see. I had no physical body, I just existed inside extreme peace with great sounding music coming from somewhere. Suddenly, I remembered my siblings and thought of wanting to see them, and as soon as I thought this I was with my siblings in our hut and while looking at their faces, I felt nothing. As soon as I thought of a place I was instantaneously there, and while listening to the stories inside the bright light, I felt and realized that it was love.
NDE due to fall, and returned to consciousness while in the morgue.

5022. Kevin L NDE 3/20/2022. NDE 9362. Exceptional Experience, from Canada I was transported to the event horizon or beyond of a black hole. Could I do this if I was alive? The answer I believe is 'No'. The power of a black hole is needed for a soul to travel from one universe to another. I feel no sense of danger and I also realize that I have no sense of distance or movement, but now I do notice that I am falling toward this fissure. Before I can react, I am engulfed by this light. The light absolutely engulfs me and all I can see is brilliant white light. Even months later, I have trouble finding the proper words to describe this, It felt like this light had attached itself to my soul and it was also attached to all my emotions. Then it feels like all my emotions are being pulled like a stretching of a thick rubber band, except it feels like I have a million rubber bands that are stretched all at once and they are getting to the breaking point.
Exceptional NDE due to allergic reaction to wasp sting. Among the most profound and thought provoking NDEs ever shared with NDERF.

5017. Jessica Kay NDE 2/28/2022. NDE 9354. Exceptional Experience. I knew that every action may seem evil but it worked for the greater good. All was perfect in one way or the other. I asked about religion and the vastness of it all. The only answer I could recall afterwards was the word "dogma." This word stood for the concept that the truth was muddled by man's feelings. Although coming from our good intentions, it was inhibiting others from spiritually growing.
Remarkable NDE due to horse falling on her at age 5.

5008. Betty R NDE 2/11/2022. NDE 9343. Exceptional Experience. I saw myself lying in the road and was curious and calm. I saw the horse make the additional 2 miles around the road back to the barn lot and another worker catch him; mind, this was miles from other houses. I saw my friend and employer look the horse over, look out over the fields for me, and get in the truck to head out on the road looking for me.
Exceptional NDE due to severe head and neck injury. After NDE, remarkable recall of NDE in spite of substantial difficulty with memory of events after the NDE. She is now a hospice nurse.

5003. Harry T NDE 2/4/2022. NDE 9339. Exceptional Experience. The bits of light closest to me were my parents, grand-parent, family who all passed before - and connected to them farther away were close friends, and connected to them were people who had influenced me and whom I had influenced (student, acquaintances,etc) - and the people whom they had interacted with, but unknown to me, but connected to me by my interaction with everyone I had known and met in my life and had gone on before. All of those bits of life were relating how my life and actions had effected theirs.
NDE due to pulmonary embolus with remarkable life review and a message that may have saved his life.

4992. Al H NDE-like 12/25/2021. NDE-like 9322. Exceptional Experience. The life story of every single tree I can see(thousands), the landscape and city that existed previously, colors and shapes that do not exist here. It is at this point I take to just looking straight down at the ground as the information is too overwhelming for me. I begin to wonder towards something, I don't know what or why but I am drawn in a specific direction in the forest. I continue to walk for a good amount of time, and then I come upon a clearing and a river. Something I didn't notice before but in this forest there were no animals, they are all here. Lions, Tigers, deer, rabbits, cats, dogs, animals I've never seen before and do not exist on Earth. Everything is here, but there is no fighting, no hunting, no feeding, the animals do not attack one another.
Astounding SOBE, among the most remarkable and detailed ever shared with NDERF.

4989. Sarah B STE 12/13/2021. STE 9315. Exceptional Experience. From South Africa. I have always believed in prayer. It does not matter to me where it comes from – God, the universe, the earth, a higher power – any prayer is pure love. And I felt it. Because deep and far away, I heard something in the darkness. I heard voices calling me. It wasn’t as literal as that. It was an awareness that came to me. Though the dark space I had a clear, distinct, and real thought. It cut through like a beacon calling me. I know that this was the turning point for me. I
Exceptional epic struggle between life and death due to pneumonia and induced coma. Dramatic encounter with her husband who was dying at the time. Hallucinatory ICU delirium mixed with true spiritual experiences.

4981. Marijan H STE 11/26/2021. STE 9303. Exceptional Experience. From Croatia. Jesus spoke of slightly different things each time, but in the same context. He kept repeating that all people are connected to God, they just need to experience the knowledge of it. Everyone will experience it, but only at the moment of death. Those who come to this realization while they are still alive are extremely lucky, but in order to reach this realization they must deserve it with their faith, effort and deeds. He also spoke about the importance of love and understanding among people, about the equality of all people, about the need to do good deeds, the need to live in harmony with people and nature, belief in God and God’s order.
Remarkable STE with detailed awareness of Jesus talking.

4979. Joyce G NDE-like 11/17/2021 & 5/28/22. SOBE;NDE-like 9301/NDE 9406. Exceptional Experience No longer did I feel any burden of grief, no longer did I feel pain from my 40-year chronic spinal injuries, no mourning, no memories, just absolute release into the Light of Love! Home, as I now realize it! Incredible Love! At that point, I was only consciousness, taken before the Light of Jesus. Words fail to ever capture the Vision of His Glory, but the experience now is more real than anything I could ever realize on earth. Everything was so beautiful and healing! I felt as if I were dissolved into the Light, with no words to ever capture the experience.
Remarkably detailed SOBE while in line to receive communion.

4957. Angela B STE 9/7/2021. Prayer;STE 9268. Exceptional Experience As the angel stood to my left and my father spoke to me from my right, a very large, powerful presence hovered over the length of my body. When I noticed the large presence, my inner vision was changed to that of a crystal blue waterfall. The water was sparkling clear and the most beautiful blue I have ever seen. As I marveled at the sight of the water, the static sensation in my torso dissipated and was replaced with a sensation of liquid love rushing into my heart.
Prayer Experience-STE after taking too much medication for migraine headache.

4945. Beatrice W NDE 8/14/2021. NDE 9251. Exceptional Experience from Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. This was pure freedom and simply the most natural thing of the world, as if I never had been doing anything else. And I knew, 'THAT's my home, my original BEING, the original EXISTENCE of all of us, the home of ALL our souls. It's from here that I come and it's here that I belong. We all come from here and we will all come back here. A deeply familiar sensation of HOME and BELONGING pervaded me completely. I was ONE with everything. There are no earthly words giving me the possibility to describe this deeply anchored knowledge, this memory, and this beloved feeling of home.
Exceptional NDE due to loss of consciousness due to allergic reaction.

4926. Anne L NDE 5/30/2021 & 11/9/2021. NDE 9215/9293. Exceptional Experience. There were two angels who were there with me. I was first met by the male angel who was dressed like a lumberjack with black, converse, high-top sneakers. I was laughing over this because, I mean, nobody wears those. I was amazed that he would choose that fashion choice. I still laugh about that. The female angel had on a yellow dress with blue flowers. The dress had short sleeves and a collar that bent down the front and the buttons were pearls. She had a 1950s hairstyle and little, light colored shoes. The female angel held a clothesline between us. I couldn't see or hear the third angel because I had no telepathic connection with it. The female angel was giving me a lot of information and the other angels were worried it was going to interfere with my free will, so she was stopped.
NDE at age 17 due to passing out from septicemia. She is a nurse. Shared 40 years later.

4911. Niels W NDE 4/22/2021. NDE 9193. Exceptional Experience. I was given a life review while inside the void. During this review, I told the being to pause. I wanted to better examine the parts of my life. I was then able to view these events from overhead. The life review did not last long because I asked the being something that surprised it. 'Can I plan my next reincarnation?' I asked. The being said, 'Usually people wait until their actual death to choose their reincarnation.'
NDE due to complications during eye surgery at age 3-4. Remarkable discussion about his own reincarnation during NDE.

4907. Miguel A STE 4/12/2021. STE 23467. Exceptional Experience. From Spain. I thought to myself, 'I am who I am.' Why is that such a special revelation? Because the heart came from the Hara (the lower abdomen) instead of my head. It occurred as a physical sign, as if someone was writing it from within. It was as if lightning had carved the answer out of rock, or branded it with fire. That phrase clearly came from somewhere else; from another dimension, so to speak. Then there was something like an explosion in my Hara.
Remarkable discussion of brain vs. universal mind from having an STE while driving.

4881. Star E NDE 2/7/2021. NDE 9139. Exceptional Experience. Caution: Graphic violence. A pure, brilliant light engulfed me and I no longer had a physical body. But, I still existed? I had no eyes to see but I looked at everything around me. I was in the center of a vast nothingness, but the nothingness was not empty. It was completely filled with the presence of the living God. There are no words in the English language to describe where I was. I was in the middle of the Glory. Then the Lord wrapped me in His Love and held me to His breast. I was filled to every fiber of my being with His peace that passes all understanding. I felt the love He had for me.
NDE due to criminal attack.

4866. Anne W NDE 1/12/2021. NDE 9119. Exceptional Experience. I was the UNIVERSE in expression, and the Universe was within me, I was shown this, I KNEW this intimately. I was shown through energy that I was ONE with ALL THAT IS, ALL THAT EVER WAS and ALL THAT WILL EVER BE. ALL THAT EXISTED was within me. I was shown this and experienced this within every fiber of my Being. EVERYTHING WAS CONNECTED. I WAS EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE; omnipresent, omniscense! I KNEW in this place of ONENESS that I was connected to everyone and everything. There absolutely was no seperation.
Exceptional NDE during unconsciousness at time of an apparent heart attack. Remarkable spiritual wisdom from person who is currently homeless.

4858. Anelia G NDE 12/27/2020. NDE 9108. Exceptional Experience. I saw my life on earth as a split second and a tiny fraction of what I was supposed to live. I thought to myself, the equivalent of ' was that it? No, this cannot be it.' At that moment, I had a clear understanding of who I was on a fundamental level. I am not talking about earthly attributes like gender, race or ethnicity. I am talking about the spirit me, for lack of a better term. I wasn’t a human form nor did I have an age. I just was. For the sake of explaining this experience, I am writing everything in linear order, however all of this happened simultaneously. It is hard to explain.
Exceptional NDE when she was just over one year old due to head injury. This NDE is among the best documented and detailed ever reported that occurred so early in life.

4847. Tony G ADC 12/4/2020. ADC 23463. Exceptional ADC From Australia. I yelled jokingly to my sister that someone was here. She entered the room and I described what I saw. She stated that it was her husband, wearing what she had buried him in. She brought the clothes especially for his burial. He came toward us and I could hear him clearly. He was not happy about a boyfriend she was seeing, what she was doing on their small farm, and other issues. She answered when I relayed his questions to her. She appeared to know what he was talking about. I had no knowledge of her activities or relationships. This went on for about 10 minutes.
Exceptional ADC involving about 10 minutes of questions and answers with sister’s deceased husband. Verified information he could not have otherwise known about what the deceased was wearing during the ADC.